About Me

• My work stands for creativity and innovation from a commercial point of view • Love to coach, motivate and inspire colleagues • 19 years Adobe software experience

As a manager and designer I have worked 11 years at various international companies. Responsibilities vary from creative concepts and design to on- and offline media campaigns, artworks, branding and photo shoots.

Besides my Master of Arts and Bachelor Design and Visual Communications, I have a degree in Graphic Design. Therefore, I am experienced in using Adobe software for 19 years. That makes me efficient in visualizing designs, artworks and presentations, although I have good hand drawn skills.

For three years I have worked as a freelancer. Which left me with an entrepreneurial spirit: I am pro-active and have good presentation skills. I am able to switch between tasks very easily as the priority shifts daily when working in a changeable environment.

Because I worked mainly for fashion brands, I am used to working with tight schedules and the importance of trend influences.

Images speak louder than words. Please go ahead and get lost in my portfolio.

My Skills

My Experience

Senior Designer


Senior Designer


Marketing Manager & Sr. Designer

Scarva Productions 2015-2017


Van Winkel Fashion2011-2013